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Inonebox Groep privacy statement

What is Inonebox Groep? 
Inonebox consists of the private companies Inonebox BV and Dutch Blend BV, trading under the names Inonebox, Dutch Blen, Dutch Blend Squad, with its registered offices at Nieuwezijds Voorburgwal 340, Amsterdam.
This privacy statement applies to all your downloads and subscriptions which take place through Inonebox. In addition, this privacy statement applies to the Inonebox newsletter, your visit to the website and any other Inonebox channels.
As part of its services, Inonebox records your data and uses it for various marketing purposes, such as its newsletter.
General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

It is extremely important to Inonebox that your data is handled and secured as correctly as possible and with great care. For this reason, Inonebox adheres to the rules laid down in the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Purpose of processing personal data
As part of its service provision, Inonebox records your data and uses it for various purposes. In doing so, Inonebox takes your preferences into account as far as possible, to the extent that they are known to us.

We collect personal data belonging to you when you provide them to us directly and through the use of our site. This information may be:
•    Information you provide us with when using our site (such as your name, contact details, gender, product ratings and all the information you add to your account profile);
•    Transaction and invoice information if you make purchases from us or use our site (for example credit/debit card details and delivery information). However, we do not store credit card details. These are held on a specially encoded server in our so-called payment gateway, which is PPC certified.
•    Recordings of your interactions with us (for example, if you contact our customer service, or if you get in touch with us on social media);
•    Information you provide us with when you participate in a competition or a survey;
•    Information that is automatically collected with the help of cookies and similar technologies, such as pages you have viewed. We may also collect information about the device you use to access our site, i.e. whether it is a computer, tablet or mobile phone;
•    Other information required for the site – for example, information about your location.

Things you and others do and offer.
•    Data and content which you offer. We collect the content, communication and other information you supply when you use our Products, including when you register for an account, create or share content, and when you send chat messages and communicate with others. This can be information in or about the content you supply (e.g. metadata), such as the location of a photo or the date on which a file was created. It can also relate to what you see via the functionality we offer, such as our camera, so that for example we can offer masks and filters you may like, or give you tips about using the portrait mode. Our systems process your and others’ content and communication automatically in order to analyse the context and establish what they are about. This takes place for the following purposes. More information about how you can determine who sees what you share.
•    Networks and connections. We collect information about the people, pages, accounts, hashtags and groups you are linked to and the way in which you interact with them in our Products, such as the people you communicate with most or the groups you are a member of. We also collect contact details if you choose to upload, synchronise or import them from a device (such as an address book, your call history or your text message history). We use this data to help you and others find people you may know and for other purposes which are described below.
•    Your usage. We collect information about how you use our Products, such as which types of content you view or access, which functions you use, which actions you perform, which people and accounts you are in contact with and how long, how often and when you carry out your activities. For example, we record when you (last) used our Products and which messages, videos and other content you view in our Products. We also collect information about how you use functionalities such as our camera.
•    Information about transactions in our Products. If you use our Products for purchases or other financial transactions (such as when you buy something in a game or donate a sum of money), we collect information about the purchase or transaction. Among other things, we collect your payment details, for example the number of your credit card or debit card and other card details, other account and verification data and details relating to invoicing, shipping and contact details.
•    Things that others do and information they supply about you. We also receive and analyse content, communication and information that others supply when using our Products. This may be information about you, for example when others share or respond to a photo of you, send you a chat message or upload, synchronise or import contact details.

Information about the Device
•    We collect information from and about the computers, phones, connected TVs and other devices connected to the internet which you use and into which our Products are integrated. We combine the information from different devices you use. For instance, we use information about the way in which you use our Products on your phone in order to better personalise the content (including advertisements) or functionalities you see when you use our Products on a different device, such as your laptop or tablet. We can also use the information to measure whether you have taken action on another device based on an advertisement you saw on your phone.
•    Information we receive about these devices can comprise the following:
•    Device characteristics: information such as the operating system, the hardware and software versions, the battery level, the signal strength, the available storage space, the type of browser, the app and file names and types, and plug-ins.
•    Device operations: information about operations and behaviour on the device, such as whether a window is displayed in the foreground or background, or mouse movements (which enables people to be distinguished from bots).
•    Identifiers: unique identifiers, device IDs, other identifiers, such as for games, apps or accounts you use, and family device IDs (or other identifiers which are unique to Products which are on the same device or are linked to the same account).
•    Device signals: Bluetooth signals and information about WiFi access points, beacons and transmitters nearby.
•    Details about device settings: information we are permitted to receive on the basis of the device settings you have selected, such as access to your GPS location, camera or photos.
•    Network and connections: information about, for example, the name of your mobile provider or ISP, language, time zone, mobile phone number, IP address, connection speed and, in some cases, information about other devices nearby or which are connected to the same network;
•    Cookie data: data about cookies stored on your device, including cookie IDs and settings.

•    We use the information we have to offer our Products, including in order to personalise functionalities and content (such as your news summary, the Inonebox summary and advertisements) and in order to make recommendations (such as groups or events you may be interested in and subjects you may want to follow). We do so both within and outside our Products. In order to create personalised Products that are unique and relevant to you, we use your connections, preferences, interests and activities based on the data we collect in order to find out more about you and others (including any specially protected data you supply for which you have given your explicit permission). We also record how you use our Products and what you do with them and which people, places and things you are connected with and what you are interested in, both within our Products and outside. More information about how we use information about you to personalise your Inonebox experience, including functionalities, content and recommendations in Inonebox products. You can also read about how we decide which advertisements you are shown. Information on different Inonebox products and devices: we combine information about your activities within different Inonebox products and on different devices in order to offer a more personal and consistent experience in all Inonebox products you use, wherever you use them. We can also make your experience more seamless by, for example, automatically copying your registration details (such as your phone number) from one Inonebox product when you register for an account with another Product.
•    Location-related information: we make use of location-related information, such as your current location, where you live, the places you like to go and the firms and people who are close to you to personalise and improve our Products, including advertisements, both for you and for others. Location-related information may be based on such things as the precise device location (if you have given us permission to fetch this), IP addresses and information about your use of Inonebox products and those of others (including check-ins and events you participate in). See our cookie policy for more information about our use of cookies.    
•    Depending on how you use our site, your interactions with us and the rights you give us with regard to the purpose for which we use your personal data, including:
•    To fulfil your order and maintain your online account.
•    To manage and respond to messages to our customer service.
•    To tailor the site to you and show you content we think will be most interesting to you based on your account information, your purchase history and your browser activity.
•    To improve and maintain the site and monitor its use.
•    For market research - for example in relation to feedback or reviews of our products.
•    In order to send you marketing messages and show you targeted advertisements where we have your permission or we otherwise have permission to do so.
•    For security reasons, fraud investigations and, if necessary, to protect ourselves and third parties.  
•    In order to comply with our legal and regulatory obligations.
•    We process your personal data in accordance with the following statutory basis under the Data Protection Act:
•    Because the processing is essential in order to contract you or take steps before we conclude a contract with you – for example, if you have ordered a goodie box from us, we will use your personal data to process the payment and execute your order.
•    Because we have received your permission. This may be the case if you contact us with a question regarding adding optional information to your account profile or if you agree to receive marketing communications from us.
•    Because it is in our legitimate interest as an e-commerce provider to maintain and promote our service to you. We always try to understand more about our members and customers in order to offer the best products and customer experiences. We use information about you to modify your experience of the site in order to make it more interesting and relevant, especially for you.
•    For example, you can add additional information to your profile on our site. Information about your age, skin type, skin colour, hair type, hair condition, colour preferences, favourite products and favourite brands. We handle this information with particular sensitivity and security, because we understand that this information can reveal things about you such as your ethnicity, for example. You do not have to provide us with this information and you can delete or edit it at any time.

•    We love being in contact with our customers and members, and for this reason we may, depending on your preferences, use your personal data to send you marketing messages by e-mail or phone. Some of these messages may be tailored to you based on your previous browser or purchasing activity and other information we have about you.
•    If you no longer wish to receive marketing communications from us or you want to resubscribe, you can always update your preferences by contacting us (details below), clicking on "unsubscribe" in an e-mail or by updating the settings in your account. If you want to unsubscribe from marketing messages, please be aware that we will still contact you with service messages from time to time (for example: confirmations of order and receipt and information about your statutory rights).
•    You may also be shown advertisements form us on third-party sites, including social media. These advertisements can be modified with cookies. If you see an advertisement on social media, that may be because we have incorporated the social network to display advertisements to our customers or users that match the demographic profile of the customer. In some cases, you may have shared your e-mail address with the social network in question. If you no longer wish to see tailored advertisements, you can change your cookie and privacy settings in your browser and those third-party websites.

Your information is shared with others in the following ways:

Sharing in Inonebox products
•    People and accounts you share and communicate with.
•    When you share and communicate via our Products, your network/target group can see what you are sharing. If you use Inonebox to communicate with people or companies, those people and companies can likewise see the content you send. Your network can also see which actions you perform in our Products, including interactions with advertisements and sponsored content.
•    Public information can be seen by anyone, both within our Products and outside, even if people don’t have an account themselves. This includes, for example, your Inonebox username, information you share with everyone, information in your public profile on Inonebox and content you share on a Inonebox page, in your public Inonebox account or via any other public forum, such as the Inonebox Marketplace. You, other people who use Inonebox and we can make public information available to or send it to anyone, both within our Products and outside. For instance, that could be via Products of Inonebox companies, in search results and via tools and APIs. Public information can also be viewed, opened, shared and downloaded via third-party services, such as search engines, APIs and offline media such as TV, and by apps, websites and other services which are integrated into our Products.
•    More information about which information is public and how you define your visibility on Inonebox yourself.

Content about you that others share/reshare
•    You need to think carefully about who you share things with, because the people who see your activities in our Products can share the content both within and outside our Products, including with people who are not members of your original target group. For instance, if you share a message or send a message to specific friends or accounts, they can download that content, make a screenshot of it or share it again with others within or outside our Products. If you post a comment on someone else’s message or if you respond to someone else’s content, your comment or response is visible to everyone who can view that person’s content. That person may later change their audience.
•    People can also use our Products to make content about you and share it with an audience of their choice. For example, people may share a photo of you in a story, name you in a post, tag you at a location or share information about you in their chat/other messages. If you don’t feel comfortable about something others have shared about you in our Products, you can find more information about reporting that content here.

Information about your current status and presence in our Products.
•    People in your network can see signals that tell them when you are active in our Products. For example, they can see if you are currently active on Inonebox and they can see when you last used our Products.

Apps, websites and integrations belonging to external parties that use our Products or are present within our Products.
•    Devices and operating systems that offer native versions of Inonebox (i.e. for which we have not developed our own apps) have access to all the information you share with them, including information your friends share with you, so that they can offer you our core functionality.

New owner
•    If our ownership of or control over all or part of our Products and associated resources changes, we may transfer your information to the new owner.

And additionally:
•    With other companies that fall under Inonebox (Inonebox head office), in order to run the site.
•    With our suppliers and service providers who work for us, for example: payment processors, technical partners and delivery firms.
•    With our professional and legal advisers.
•    With third parties that are involved in fraud prevention and detection.
•    With law enforcement agencies or other public authorities, for example in order to report fraud or in response to a legal request.
•    In the event that we sell business assets, the personal information of our customers may be revealed to a potential buyer. In such a case we will make reasonable efforts to ensure that the buyer is bound by the conditions of this privacy policy.
•    Otherwise, where we have your permission or we are legally permitted to do so.

Inonebox keeps general details relating to visitor behaviour, by means of our own statistics and via Google Analytics. The purpose of tracking this behaviour is to be able to optimise the website to match the visitor’s wishes. This also involves the use of so-called cookies, which are likewise used to optimise your user convenience. These are small, simple files which are placed on your computer and which store data relating to your visitor behaviour. Among other things, these cookies are used to keep track of most recently viewed titles.
Alongside our own cookies, we also place a Google cookie, as part of the ‘Analytics’ service. We use this service to keep track of and obtain reports about visitors’ use of the website. Google may provide this information to third parties but only if Google is obliged to do so by law, or insofar as third parties process the information on behalf of Google. We have no control over this.
The information that Google collects is anonymised as far as possible. Details of your IP address are explicitly not provided. The information is transferred to and stored by Google on servers in the United States.
If you wish, you can turn off cookies in your browser. However, the result will be that certain linked functionalities will no longer work on the site and via any other Inonebox channels. However, the majority of functionalities will continue to work properly without cookies. By making use of our website, you give us permission to process this information
Cookies and pixel tags are used to collect aggregated data relating to the traffic on and interaction with the website and newsletter so that we can identify trends and obtain statistical data in order to improve the website and newsletter.

Information about data processing
As part of its service provision, Inonebox records data in its database to facilitate the use of Inonebox’s services. 

The following data may be recorded: 
– Name, address, organisation, e-mail address, job title, phone number
– Other matters which are legally required or for which you have given your permission

Security of personal data
Inonebox takes responsibility for providing appropriate security for the personal data it holds, in line with the applicable statutory requirements and guidelines.
Retention period for personal data. Data retention, deactivating and deleting accounts
We retain data until it is no longer necessary to do so in order to provide our services and Inonebox products, or until your account is deleted (depending on which happens first). This is assessed on a case-by-case basis and depends on such things as the nature of the data, why it has been collected and processed and the relevant statutory or operational requirements around retention. If you have submitted a copy of your official proof of ID for the verification of your account, that copy is deleted 30 days after it has been submitted. More information about the deletion of content you have shared and cookie data collected via social plug-ins. 
If you delete your account, we will delete the content you have posted, such as your photos and status updates. You will no longer be able to recover that information at a later stage. Information others have shared about you is not part of your account and will therefore not be deleted. If you temporarily do not wish to use the Products but you do not want to delete your account, it is better to deactivate your account. If you want to delete your account at any time, go to your Inonebox settings.

Your privacy rights
Naturally you can withdraw your permission for us to use your data at any time. You can do so in writing but also via the Inonebox site. You can easily unsubscribe from the newsletter by clicking on the unsubscribe link in the newsletter or by contacting us by clicking on the ‘Contact us’ button on the site. Please send any correspondence to the following address: 

Inonebox B.V. 
Nieuwezijds Voorburgwal 340
1012RX  Amsterdam

Inonebox will respond to your request as quickly as possible (and in any event within two weeks).

•    Information and access: you have the right to see which of your personal data we process. We will also be pleased to tell you more about how and why we process that data.
•    Rectification: if you believe we have incorrect data about you, you can let us know. We will then amend the data.
•    Erasure: you can ask us to delete the personal data we hold on you. It may be that we will still have to process that data for other purposes (administration or deduplication, for example).
•    Restriction: if you believe your personal data has been unlawfully or incorrectly processed, you can also have that processing restricted.
•    Objection (appeal): you can file an objection to the processing of your personal data. If the issue is marketing, we will terminate that processing as quickly as possible.
•    Transferability: this is a new right under the GDPR, entitling you to transfer or instruct your data to be transferred. If you wish to exercise this right, please contact us.
•    Withdrawing consent: for example to receive e-mailings. If you wish to withdraw consent for a different processing operation, please contact us.

Outgoing links / references
You will find links to other websites on the site and possibly also via other Inonebox channels. Inonebox bears no responsibility with regard to the handling of your data by such parties. Please read the privacy statements of those parties for more information.

Changes to the Privacy Statement
Inonebox reserves the right to change the privacy statement if there is reason to do so. Any such changes may be made without prior notification and with immediate effect. We therefore recommend that you regularly view this Privacy Statement in order to remain fully up to date.

Last amended on 22 May 2019


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