When is the first repeat payment?

We will add a new Giftcard code to create your first "custom" full size box, to your acount (your first full size Inonebox) 10 days after you join Inonebox! Yes. you read that right, that's 2 boxes within the first 2 weeks of your membership. Just because we want to show you how cool we are :)

If you would like to read more instructions on how you can create your custom Inoneboxes with your giftcard codes please check the FAQ "How to create my new "custom" box.

Payments go according to the following schedule:

-> €5 when registering for the Try-Out Box and after 10 days €19 every month (per box)

For example:
If a new Inonebox member has registered on July 20, then this member pays:

* €5 on July 20
* €19 on July 30
* Recurring €19 every 1 month on the 30th of the month.

The member receives a new Giftcard code to create a "custom" Inonebox after every payment of €19. 

When will I receive my repeat boxes?

You will receive a new giftcard code to reate a "custom" box every month. When you'' receive your new giftcard therefore depends on your registration date.

As mentioned above, you get a new Giftcard code EVERY month (€19 per box)


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